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Landnummer 0039 welke landen horen bij dit landnummer?

Hi, my story is the same > but is there already a answer about it? Hacking in my phone? Is it possible (am i naive?).. I'm also called from the number:0039 3193260044 . As someone discovered more.. I'd like to know!-)

Hi, I'm from The Netherlands and I got a call from this number at 16:32 am local time. I answered it and heard nothing, so I hung up and I'm not calling back. Good thing I found this page.

I'm from the Netherlands to and got a call from this number 08/08/09 at 13:28, the number was/is 00393193260019, i did not answered the call

Me too. 9-9-09 15:36 LT ))39 3193269052. And I missed it. Who's this.

I'm also from the Netherlands, and i got a call at 10-09-09 at 17:21 LT from 0039 3193260031 any idea who this could be?

hey i am from luxemburg and i got a call from a similar nr at 10.48
13 sept.09 nr was :0039 319326001 really weird... could it be a hacker??

Hi, I'm also from the Netherlands and just reveived a call from 0039 3193260044. My display said it was blocked as I answered. Strange...

0039 is iig Italie

Hello, im fron the Netherlands and I also got a phonecall from the same number: 00393193260019. I didn't answer it, because whoever called me did it around midnight, so I was sleeping, but still, what do you think he was trying to do?

Maybe I can help you out here same as we can buy cards to call cheap to asia they have a card or number they buy or use to call cheap to europe, my friends from indonesia call me on regular basis with 0039 that explains why they call on strange times as well

Hello, I'm from The Netherlands and I got a call from my sister who lives in the same city as I am.
She called via her laptop --> SKYPE!!
So '0039' doesn't always mean an international phonecall.

Hi, I'm also from The Netherlands and got a call today at 17.19pm.. number was 0039 9966557907827 don't know who or what it was.

hey there im also form the netherlands and i got a call around 14:40 4-3-2013 from nummer 0039 0109166062
after looking it up i found out that the number is italian strange

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